About Us

It started with a simple dream...
Joseph Malekan, at a young age had this astonishment for weddings.
The first time he attended a wedding changed his perception of love and romanticism.
From that time on he made it clear that in the future he wanted to be part of something more than just a simple business.
He thought, "why not be a part of every couples dream and tradition".
The question was, what's the best possible way...?
Wedding Rings!
Tradition tells us that in matrimony, two rings are used to symbolize the partner's acceptance of love and marriage.
The wedding ring is the jewel, which will follow the married couple their whole life.
It represents the renewing of life ending up at the same point where it started.

And so time came to open a company that specializes in wedding rings (wedding bands & bridal rings).
It was a good idea, so he named the company WEDDING RINGS UNLIMITED, Inc.

What was just a dream is now for real.

Wedding Rings Unlimited has been with us for 22 years. Until now the dream of helping out couples
with tradition still is Joseph Malekan's passion. Because of this passion this company still stands
strong and is still growing with time.

Let us be a part of you through tradition, love and romance.

Wedding Rings Unlimited,
A life-long tradition worth sharing.